Visitor Centre of the Fauna Park of Monte Amiata

An itinerary to discover natural treasures

The Tourist Centre was first established as a didactic centre of the Fauna Park and of the six natural reserves of the Monte Amiata area (Monte Labbro, Pescinello, Rocconi, Poggio all'Olmo, SS.Trinità, Monte Penna). The Tourist Centre occupies five rooms and aims to inform the public on the most interesting facts and data of the area. The itinerary ends with a series of reconstructed habitats that are specific to the territory.
The most characteristic village of the Amiata
Arcidosso is another of the more striking Amiata villages. Imposing and characteristic on all sides, the ancient town has at its centre the Rocca Aldobrandesca, besieged in 1331 by the Siennese commanded by Guidoriccio da Fogliano and passed in 1559 to the Medici. At the entrance of the town a stop at the imposing monument to the Dead at Work is worth a visit. ...