Il paese di un grande artista, Vinci
Places of worship

Vinci, The Santuary of Santissima Annunziata

Discovering Fra Paolino’s sacred art


The Sanctuary of Santissima Annunziata is located in the heart of Vinci, on a street that leads to Empoli. Situated next to the Castle of the Guidi Counts, it was built at the beginning of the XVII century. The complex has undergone various restoration projects over the course of the centuries. Today, it boasts a façade with three arches and a nearby bell tower.

Inside the church, you’ll find frescos by Paolo Bernardino del Signoraccio, more commonly known as Fra Paolino da Pistoia. The painter’s training was deeply influenced by Perugino even if the experiences that most significantly characterized his apprenticeship were linked to his workshop in Florence’s San Marco, directed by Fra Bartolomeo. ‘The Annunciation’, located on the church’s altar, is the painter’s most significant work. 




Immersed in the greenery of the Montalbano hills, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci
In Vinci, everything is about Leonardo: the native house, the church where he was baptised, the museum and the library dedicated to him, even the landscape, still intact, which Leonardo himself had contemplated daily. ...