Villino Malerbi oggi Dinelli

Villino Malerbi (today Villino Dinelli) in Lucca

The little villa, built on a square base, consists of two floors in addition to the cellar and has a pavilion roof surfaced with Marseillaise roof tiling


On the front façade there is a small marble stairway which leads to the veranda closed by a columned balustrade. Above this on the south eastern side, there are two large hexagonal windows. The two main entrance doors are chiselled with designs of birds, and on the above iron bars you can read the initials B.D.
On the ground floor there are two windows of diverse shape and dimension. One of them is wider, hexagonal in shape and divided in the centre by a small pilaster then further divided into squared glass tiles. The other is surmounted by a depressed curved arch, decorated with motifs and divided in three by two pilasters. Under each of the two windows there are three rectangles bearing motifs.
The two side façades have three windows in line with each other. Under the window sill there are squares with floral decorations.
All the façades on the ground floor with exception to the back one, are decorated and reaching the cornice which marks the floor division. On the first floor, the roof of the veranda forms a terrace whose railings are made from wrought iron and cement corner pilasters surmounted by pine cones. The architraves of the patio doors which open on to the terrace are and are decorated.
The eaves are characterised by a cornice under which there is an analogue decorated fascia.
The garden which is looked onto by the little villa is enclosed by wood railings divided by little cement pilasters and bricks facing outwards. These are topped with vases featuring figures and sea urchins. Two more powerful columns flank the gate.
The building is private property and cannot be visited inside.
Source: Lucca and its lands /

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