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Villino Fontanella a Viareggio
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Villino Fontanella in Viareggio

The design of this small villa has a regular floor plan but its façades are characterised by an asymmetrical sequence of openings of different forms

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Subsequently extended, the building presents an organised articulated composition and spans in part across three floors, in part across two.
The windows (single and double lancet) have three-lobed pointed arches which are underlined by ornamental inserts in the form of beaded mouldings, cornices and mouldings. A series of decorative panels adorn its facing, recalling the image of Venice, the gateway to the East. On this subject, the raised image of the gondola on the façade which looks onto Via Buonarotti is significant.
A small staircase leads to the entrance which is characterised by a portal framed by an arched opening. The design of the wrought iron details, the railings and the outdoor light are in keeping with the overall decorative style.
On the top floor the terrace looks onto the back garden which is characterised by regularly arranged lawns and a rich variety of palms which create the exotic atmosphere of the complex.
The building is private property and cannot be visited inside.
Source: Lucca and its lands / www.luccapro.sns.it

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