Villini Chizzolini a Viareggio

Villini Chizzolini in Viareggio

The project for these small villas bears the name of the architect from Lucca, Gaetano Orzali


They display ordered classical architecture which is characterised by a structure that spans across two floors and features eclectic façades with ceramic decoration in keeping with the style of that time. A typical example of this is the decorative composition of the small villa: a sequence of ceramic panels which illustrate caravels at sea. The figures are outlined by a well defined contour in accordance with the diktat of Modernist graphics which was characteristic of the Chini kilns in Borgo San Lorenzo.
The buildings are a private property and cannot be visited inside.
Source: Lucca and its lands /

More than just a beach town, Viareggio boasts culture and is the Carnevale capital of Italy
Sparkling sea on one side, gleaming white marble mountains of the Apuan Alps on the other: this is Viareggio, pearl of Versilia. First created as the port of Lucca, Viareggio owes its name to the “via Regis”, the street that connected it to the area’s capital during the Middle Ages. Its foundations date back to 1172 when the Lucchesi and Genoese allied against Pisa, built a famous fortress. ...