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Villa Smilea in Montale in Pistoia

A residence of noteworthy architectural charm

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This residence rises from the plains along the road to Agliana and owes its name to the six miles “sex milia” that separate it from Pistoia. In the Middle Ages it was the strong fortress of the Panciatichi, it was then confiscated in 1466 by the Florentines as punishment to the Pistoia family for their participation in the conspiracy against Piero di Cosimo dei Medici.

After various changes it came into the hands of the Borghese princes who turned it into a farm-villa, maintaining its fortress look. From the massive square-shape building two high towers rise, while the walls are crowned with arches along a large part of the entire structure.

You can access it from the road via a lovely portal that leads to the villa’s separate courtyard and from two symmetrical buildings with elegantly framed windows.

The Villa Smilea hosts the council library and an important collection of works of Jorio Vivarelli (Fognano 1922 – Pistoia 2008), an illustrious part of Pistoia’s artistic tradition and protagonist of great exhibitive events in the most important cities in Italy and the world.

Villa Castello La Smilea
Via G. Garibaldi n. 2/A
51037 Montale (PT)
Originally a fortified centre erected by the city of Pistoia during its struggle against the feudatory Guidi counts
In Montale, a town in the province of Pistoia with around 10,000 inhabitants, you can admire the remains of the High Montale castle, the parish of St. John the Evangelist and the Romanesque Abbey of San Salvatore. The town is placed along the Valley of Ombrone and extends over plain and hill. ...