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Villa Orsi a Pieve di compito
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Villa Orsi in Pieve

The main building of Villa Orsi sits on land with a deep slope and is developed over three floors plus one for the attics

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The lines of the construction are very sober. The ground floor is decorated with an imitation ashlar fascia on grey plaster cast, while the window-sills, surmounted by cornices of the same colour, are highlighted by a cornice which runs along all the façades.
On the main façade facing downhill, there are two small entrance doors which correspond to a balcony supported by corbels with a wrought iron railing on the floor above. At the back there is a footbridge which leads from the rooms on the last floor to an open space which is on a higher terrace of the garden. There are buildings for agricultural use attached to the main edifice. The lemon house would be one example. It has arches on the ground floor and openings with architraves on the one above. The garden of the villa is noteworthy for the presence of examples of the ancient camellia. There are two in the grounds of the main building and others arranged in such a way as to form a big hedge in the low part of the garden.
Source: Lucca and its lands / www.luccapro.sns.it

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