Villa del Vescovo di Marlia

Villa of the Bishop of Marlia

The villa "del Vescovo" (of the Bishop), included in the park of the Villa Reale in Marlia essentially dates back to the 1500s


It comprises a massive body with an avant-corps at right angles, and being the only example among the Lucchese villas, has an irregular internal courtyard.
The nymphaeum in the park, considered the oldest and most beautiful, belonged to the villa. It comprises two environments. The external one is a structure with a squared plan which develops over two floors and has large windows on the walls. On the ground floor, the arches at the entrance are supported with pillars with tufo ashlars, and the entire construction exploits decorative effects produced by the use of different materials i.e. smooth stone, tufo, black and white pebbles. The geometric decoration of mosaics in black and white pebbles is also present in the internal walls of this first environment. The grotto is circular in shape and has niches. Its walls are decorated with a combination of rough tufo, stalactites, regular geometric decoration, grotesque masks and noteworthy statues.
Source: Lucca and its lands /

Forts, castles, medieval towers combine with Renaissance villas and refined architecture
The vast area of the city of Caponnori runs from the Pizzorne, Pisan mountains, theLucca plain and the area formed by the reclamation of Lake Bientina. The high ground around Lucca boasts numerous fortresses, castles and medieval towers alongside Renaissance villas and other elegant and refined buildings. ...