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Villa Mansi a Segromigno

Villa Mansi in Segromigno

Villa Cenami, then Mansi, in Segromigno in Monte, is one of the greatest expressions of 17th century architecture in Lucca

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Via delle Selvette, 242

The main façade, the plans for which were the work of Muzio Oddi, gives a visual effect of non-static solidity. In fact the building is quite high and the difference in length and width is not very great. However, the façade is vivid given that the central body is higher and stands slightly behind the two lateral parts. The airy portico on the raised floor, the two flights of stairs, the chromatic contrast between architectural and decorative elements and the plaster help give movement and lightness to the construction. The highest part repeats, in the matching columns and in the arched centre, the motive of the serliana which characterises the portico.
The very noteworthy canvas paintings and frescos found inside the villa are of the Lucchese painter Stefano Tofanelli and characteristic of the 18th century. They portray mythological themes according to the tastes of the times (stories of the God Apollo).
In the garden you can find fountains and fishing ponds with statues by the architect Juvarra, author of a 1700´s park layout, which was later changed.
Source: Lucca and its lands / www.luccapro.sns.it

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