museo Villa Guinigi

Villa Guinigi’s National Museum

Lucca’s history revealed through the villa’s artworks


The museum is located in an illustrious 15th century villa built for Paolo Guinigi, lord of Lucca, in 1413. It constitutes one of the richest and most interesting collections of art directly connected to the history of the city. The works, almost all religious in nature, represent the shift of figurative art in Lucca and the surrounding area during the High Middle Ages to the 18th century. They document the local and foreign art production (both religious and lay) in the city. The archeological section, curated on the ground floor in 2004, is of particular interest as it is often enriched with notable exhibits. The museum also hosts precious pieces from the Middle Ages, including precious wood inlays from the 15th century. The museum also boasts sculptures by Donatello and Matteo Civitali; and paintings by Gherardo Starnina, Spinello Aretino, Americo Aspertini, Fra Bartolomeo, Vasari, Paolini and Batoni.

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Via della Quarquonia
Tel: 0583 496033

Torre del Lago Puccini
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