Villa Argentina a Viareggio

Villa Argentina at Viareggio

Villa Argentiina is one of the Versilia's most significant examples of the Moderniist style, both for its architecture and its handmade decorations


Of particular note are the modernist ceramic decorations created by Galileo Chini, of the Chini Kilns at Borgo San Lorenzo, which were created for this site and are considered amongst his most significant creations.

Though modernist, these ceramics--in their colours and decorative style--recall the traditions of Florentine Renaissance maiolica, an important influence on Chini "Arte della Ceramica" production.

The villa's interior is equally important. A triptych covers the entire walll of the ground-floor lounge with a Persian Marriage which takes place in front of an oriental background. This, as well as other paintings iin the house, were realized in 1930 by the artists Giuseppe Biasi for the counts of Sant'Elia, the owners at that time.

Source: Lucca APT


More than just a beach town, Viareggio boasts culture and is the Carnevale capital of Italy
Sparkling sea on one side, gleaming white marble mountains of the Apuan Alps on the other: this is Viareggio, pearl of Versilia. First created as the port of Lucca, Viareggio owes its name to the “via Regis”, the street that connected it to the area’s capital during the Middle Ages. Its foundations date back to 1172 when the Lucchesi and Genoese allied against Pisa, built a famous fortress. ...