Maternità - Venturino Venturi

Venturino Venturi Museum

For over forty years it has been used by the same sculptor

Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 15
A museum dedicated to Venturino Venturi shows that Loro Ciuffena’s cultural tradition hasn’t changed in time. The artist affectionately called ‘Venturino’, had absorbed the very essence of this land, continuing to live and work here throughout his life. Almost every house at Loro Ciuffena has a piece of his work, mostly all drawings or ink portraits. This museum has definitely enriched Loro Ciuffena’s cultural tradition, being a form of encouragement for the many young people who want would like a career in the competitive art world. It’s a hard lesson to learn, yet the best things come to those who persist in their aims.

If we stop and consider Venturino’s works, we can see a certain spiritual yearning in his oil paintings, showing the his sublime desire and effort to find an elusive reality. His works attempt to move us with his spirituale expression, found even in tragic moments displayed in various ways even on Pinocchio’s face. The famous Florentine literary historical bar and restaurant “Gran Caffè Giubbe Rosse”, was the meeting place for Vasco Pratolini, Alessandro Parronchi, Mario Luzi – many of their works are now part of this museum. Venturino’s sculptures show the vastness of his interests, plus the anxiety in finding them with the different materials used, going from red marble of his 1967 “Maternity” to the satined wrought iron used in 1981, to ceramics and wood.

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Loro Ciuffenna
Rich in history and medieval military architecture
In the town you can visit the museum in Palazzo Venturi, dedicated to the local artist Venturino Venturi, or retreat to the nearby parish of St. Peter in Gropina. EARLY HISTORY Even though there are no direct testimonies of particular importance, it is easy to believe the presence of the Etruscans and Romans in the Lorese area. ...