balloon in tuscany

Tuscany by hot-air balloon

A unique way to see the Tuscan countryside from above

Flying in a balloon is the funniest and safest way to travel by air. The powerful flame of take-off begins and the secure arm of the pilot is the first image you see before heading slowly up into the azure sky.
From Chianti to Lucchesia areas, you can choose many places where to live the emotion of flying above the Tuscan countryside thanks to Tuscany Ballooning, FlyBalloon, Balloon in TuscanyBanda Ballons and Catalani Mongolfiere.
Passengers are not only visitors: they are considered members of the team that will participate in everything from the inflation of the balloon to the landing to radio communications with the ground crew. The inflation phase lasts approximately 40 minutes before it leaves the ground and slowly begins to fly up into the sky.

The maximum height is 800 meters but the most beautiful flights are those done at a lower altitude which allows you to brush treetops between hills before following the daybreak breezes.
No preparation needed, just wear appropriate clothing, flat shoes and long pants. The temperature on the balloon is the same as that on earth. The balloon will maintain constant communication with the ground crew during the hour-long flight. Generally, a toast and buffet follow after landing, to celebrate this unique experience!

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Forts, castles, medieval towers combine with Renaissance villas and refined architecture
The vast area of the city of Caponnori runs from the Pizzorne, Pisan mountains, theLucca plain and the area formed by the reclamation of Lake Bientina. The high ground around Lucca boasts numerous fortresses, castles and medieval towers alongside Renaissance villas and other elegant and refined buildings. ...