Ferriere e Mulino di Torniella
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Torniella, a small town located in the metalliferous hills of the area

This area is famous for the presence of structures made of tarchite rock

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The town of Torniella is located in the north side of the large rock formation that geologically characterizes the entire municipal territory. The formation is a mix of sand and pebbles from Monticiano, and on the north end, there is a light deposit of fossiliferous limestone. At the north end of the plateau, where the small village is located, the largely circular complex, called Castello, is located. Castello has a central courtyard, around which, over the years, other buildings have been erected. At the south end of the plateau, there is the San Giovanni Battista church, built with the materials used to build the older church called Santa Maria. The Santa Giovanni Battista church has a central nave and apsis. It was built next to the isohypse that separates the top of the plateau from the underlying town, which are connected by a large stair walkway that makes up for this slope.

(Article by Comunità Montana Colline Metallifere)