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The Valley of Campigna

Fir woods and footpaths through the forest in a charming area

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The valley of the Bidente di Campigna is characterised by its prevalently woody aspect; in the higher part there is the imposing forest of Campigna with silver firs and mixed beech and fir woods. Today, the fir woods and the natural forests are still in excellent condition, thanks to the management of the State which set up a State property subdividing it into Nature Reserves, run directly by the State Corps of Forest Rangers. Campigna offers the possibility to see both natural firs and those cultivated over centuries by means of its numerous itineraries and the Nature Footpath of the National Park. Also worthy of note is the grand-ducal ‘palazzo’, now transformed into a hotel, in the locality of Campigna itself.

San Godenzo
The municipality of San Godenzo is the largest in the Val di Sieve
To the pilgrim of the 20th century who wants to visit the municipality of San Godenzo, all they would need to do is drive along the state road to see the Benedictine Abbey, lit up by an autumn sunset and the many colours of the mountain to catch these breathtaking views. An atmosphere, almost suspended in time and space, is that which awaits the visitor to San Godenzo. ...