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Tower in Marina di Campo

Historical Buildings

One of the strategic points on the Isola d’Elba

The round tower in Marina di Campo is a beloved symbol for the entire municipality of Campo nell'Elba, the coat of arms of which is installed on the tower. The port was originally a simple fishermen’s village before it took on more importance in the late 1500s thanks to its seaside location that was able to guarantee a perfect view of the sea and arriving enemies.

According to some sources, the tower was already there in 1596; at the time in served more as a watch tower than a proper defense power. It was probably the princes of Piombino who ordered the tower to be built, after the territory was attacked by Barbarossa and Dragut’s pirates.

When it was no longer needed for defense purposes, a common fate for similar island structures, the tower was transformed into a lighthouse. Today, it still stands at 25 metres tall, boasting a unique exterior staircase and a terrace at the top. The building is owned by the Italian Navy so you can only visit it from the outside.

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