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Torre di Marina di Campo

The Tower of Marina di Campo

The strategic points of the Isle of Elba

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Campo nell'Elba
The Tower of Marina di Campo rises above the small port, guarding the golf. In the past this was a fishing village. Today it is at the centre of town and is very popular during the summer season. This tower was built as part of a defense system during the Pisan domination and rises 25 metres above ground.The first settlements were in this area, especially around the Church of San Gaetano which used to be devoted to the subjects of the King of Napoli. This was one of the strategic points of the island for supremacy over the Mediterranean against the French who fought with the help of muslim pirates against the powerful monarchies of Charles V and Phillip II. Other similar architectural structures can be found along the coast like the Tower of San Giovanni which also dates to the 11th century and which controlled naval traffic between Piombino and the adjacent sea.


Campo nell'Elba
Lose yourself in the bustling sea life of Marina di Campo and the relaxing San Piero and Sant’Ilario hills
Campo nell’Elba occupies the southernmost and flattest part of the island, extending from the Gulf of Lacona as far as Pomonte. The main town of this scattered municipality, composed of little villages and tiny hamlets, is Marina di Campo, a centuries-old home to fishermen who used the vast sandy bay as their landing place. ...