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The tomb of the winged demons

A notable example of Etruscan tomb in the archaeological park of the "tuff city"

Via del Pretorio, 12

In the splendid landscape of the Maremma is embedded the archaeological park of the “tuff city,” a veritable open-air museum, offering visitors the chance to admire an unusual landscape characterized by the presence of a particular volcanic rock. A vast area of great historical interest, scenic and natural. The park is rich with many historical sites and evidence pointing to the Etruscan presence, like the monumental cemetery that make this area interesting and fascinating.

The Tomb of the Demons of Sovana is the most significant example of this type of tomb with a figure lying on the deathbed. The tomb looks like a cubic block carved into the tufa, whose face is carved on the face of a building to a kiosk, characterized by a deep central room. Within this niche is represented a dead man lying in bed with a friendly libation in his right hand, which keeps intact the special polychrome finish. The sculpture preserves the covering of stucco and colors, red Camicino for exposed parts, the white tunic and mantle.

At the sides of the central niche originally stood two statues of winged female demons, of which only that on the left, with the torch, is quite well preserved. On the pediment, in high relief, stands a majestic, winged sea demon. In symmetrical positions, in front of the facade, were two sculptures in the round were placed on high podiums, only that on the left, depicting a lion, is fairly well conserved.

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A place suspended in time, where the Etruscans build a majestic necropolis
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