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The Tiber River

Spotlight on ‘La Golena’

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Piazza IV Novembre
A natural protected area of local interest, the Golena (flood bed) of the Tiber River is located in the high Valtiberina valley near the towns of Anghiari (AR) and Sansepolcro (AR). This area can be reached thanks to the road that leads from Anghiari to Caprese Michelangelo; take one of several dirt roads that cross the Anghiari plain.
This natural oasis is not currently equipped with paths and signs. It includes the alluvial valley of the Montedoglio dam and hosts various types of habitats characterized by wetlands and unused quarries. The banks of the river are characterized by lush vegetation.
Poplars and willows abound throughout the territory, in addition to alders and oaks. The area is often flooded due to the abundant flow of the Tiber.
The presence of numerous lakes originated from the area’s mining industry. This territory’s fauna is typical of wetlands and river environments; it hosts several marine bird species
A striking medieval town nestled in the quietude of the Tiber Valley
Anghiari is a striking medieval town hugging the slopes of the Sovara torrent and the Tiber Valley. Its name is famous for a 1440 battle, fought on the plain in front of the town and depicted by Leonardo da Vinci in a legendary fresco lost somewhere in Florence’s Hall of the 500 in the Palazzo Vecchio. ...