Teatro Dovizi

The Teatro Dovizi in Bibbiena

Details of the 19th century theatre

The Teatro Dovizi is a 19th century theatre in Bibbiena (Arezzo) with neoclassical and baroque elements. It was built in 1842, amongst noble palaces of the 16th century, commissioned by the Accademia degli Operosi. The project was assigned to the architect Niccolò Matas who also worked on the facade of the nearby Oratorio di S. Francesco and the church of Santa Croce in Florence.

Inside, it is in the typical U form, with the stage paralell to the road and three further rows of tiers that were later altered due to changes to the building, which was transformed into a movie theatre with galleries and without changerooms and other elements. After restoration the original decorated wooden roof was revealed, with a faux sky reminiscent of Tiepolo. The facade has been conserved essentially without changes.
A splendid medieval rock-fort immersed in nature
The old part of Bibbiena, a medieval fortress, is set at the top of a hill surmounted by the Torre Tarlati. A noteworthy monument is the 16th-century Palazzo Dovizi, named after the renowned family to which Cardinal Bernardo, called il Bibbiena (1470-1520) belonged. He was secretary to Pope Leo X, diplomat, and author of the play "La Calandria," which explored Renaissance society. ...
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