Oasi di Tanali
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The Tanali Oasis

Protecting flora and fauna at risk of extinction


Bosco Tanali, or the Tanali Woods, covers 153 hectares between the slopes of Monte Pisano and the Bientina Marshes and includes an amazing variety of environments: wet lawns which are periodically flooded, beds of reeds, and damp woods – all environments which are important habitats for a range of animals and plants.The drying of the lake in this area, which happened in 1853, and the emergence of industrial agriculture led to the local extinction of a number of types of flora and fauna. In 1995 this area was declared a protected environment by the Region of Tuscany in collaboration with Legambiente and the WWF.

The park is open to the public throughout the year along prescribed pathways and following guidelines which are necessary to maintain the local ecosystem.This ecological oasis provides a home to a variety of flora including some species of ancient heritage. A number of bird types also make their home here, many permanently and others on a migratory basis.


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A small town with an ancient past which is home to an Etruscan Museum
The first written evidence there is of the town of Bietina (from the Latin "Bis antes", meaning "two hedges") dates back to the year 793. It was then that Saximondo di Gumberto conceded a portion of land to the bishop of Lucca. The town’s monuments include the Pievania Church of Santa Maria Assunta which was enlarged between 1627 and 1640. ...