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Straits of Cocciglia

A canyon with crystal-clear waters, a paradise for sports lovers

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Str. dell'Abetone e del Brennero, 4, 55022 Bagni di Lucca LU, Italia

In the area around Bagni di Lucca, close to the town of Cocciglia, are limestone canyons magnificently carved into the rock. The Lima River flows wildly below, its waters wearing away the melting snow fields.  

The river is fed by underground springs, which create windy channels, crisscrossed by eddies and whirlpools, so much so that over time, legends and stories about this stretch of the river have popped up. Some say that underneath these rocks hides the Drago Regolo, while others say the gates of Hell are located here. Today, however, the Straits of Cocciglia in the Lima Valley are anything but infernal, having become a paradise for those who love water sports.

Rafting down the Lima River
Rafting down the Lima River - Credit: David Bonaventuri

The canyon can be explored thanks to a wide array of rafting excursions and an equipped adventure park, which allows visitors to explore from above (with trails suspended over the crystal-clear waters) or below, in the bowels of this rushing torrent. There are many activities to choose from: there are the more dynamic rafting, canyoning and aqua trekking, as well as some softer options, like heading out on a kayak or SUP. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of this area without using too much energy, there’s also a small stone beach, from where you can get to the enchanting Laguna Blu.

Info: valdilima.org

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