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Palazzo Taglieschi Museum

A treasure trove of sacred artworks in Anghiari

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The Palazzo Taglieschi Museum is located in Anghiari, inside a historic Renaissance building that belonged to the richest family in the area in the 15th and 16th centuries, and is comprised of medieval tower houses that were joined together at a certain point.

The museum was founded by Don Nilo Conti, a scholar from Anghiari, to conserve and valorize precious works of art coming from the churches and historic buildings in the Valtiberina territory, as well as objects that were used in the community’s cultural and economic traditions. The collection contains stone objects from various periods and origins, detached frescoes, sculptures, paintings, liturgical furnishings and vestments, keys and tools used for wheat and olive oil production.

Amongst the works on display, visitors can admire the polychrome wooden statue by Jacopo della Quercia depicting the Virgin Mary (1420) and the Nativity from the workshop of Andrea della Robbia.

Info: polomusealetoscana.beniculturali.it

A striking medieval town nestled in the quietude of the Tiber Valley
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