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Museo di Storia Naturale

The Science Museums of Florence

Discovering science in the Renaissance city

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Florence is best known for the role it played in the Renaissance and the paintings, sculptures and architecture that were the fruit of that period. Yet the city hosts a few important science museums as well, which also have their roots in the Renaissance and were founded thanks to the patronage and passion for collecting of the Medici family.The geniuses of the Renaissance, beginning with Leonardo, made no distinction between Science and Humanism since they themselves were equally comfortable in both camps. During successive periods the Lorena government gave increasing attention to scientific studies and opened their collections to the public.

Science lovers shouldn't miss a stop in Florence.They'll find precious stones and minerals; dinosaurs and frighteningly realistic wax anatomical models; Galileo's optical instruments and the skies at the planetarium; tropical flowers, century-old trees, and plants from distant and exotic places.These museums offer practical and interactive experiences to help you discover the laws of physics and look into the extravagances of nature. Many of the museums offer programs for children and adults.

The Science Museums of Florence include:

The History of Science Museum:http://www.imss.fi.it/
The Natural History Museum: www.unifi.it/msn
A Museum for Math – the Garden of Archimedes:  http://www.archimede.ms

Source: Florence APT
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