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Antiquarium of Sant'Appiano in Barberino Val d'Elsa

The Archeological Museum is located next to the parish church

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Barberino Val d'Elsa
Sant'Appiano, 1

The Antiquarium of Sant'Appiano in Barberino di Val d’Elsa is an archeological museum located in the rooms that are connected to the Parish Church of Sant’Appiano, which was founded as a Pagan temple, transformed into a place of Christian worship and ultimately replaced by the original, central-plan, octagonal church that corresponds to the ancient baptistery, traces of which remain today in the form of four large pillars in the field in front of the parish church.

The Antiquaraum conserves numerous archeological artefacts coming from the surrounding territory. In the first two rooms, there are various funerary urns in alabaster from the Hellenistic period, with images of the dead on the cover and low-reliefs with scenes of Greek mythology on the lower part, as well as Attic red-figure ceramics dating to the 6th-5th centuries BCE.

In the other rooms, you’ll see a series of late-medieval and Renaissance ceramics that are typical of the Florentine area, some Etruscan memorial stones and a Pagan idol made from sandstone, with the god Eros riding an animal.

Info: barberinovaldelsa.net

Barberino Val d'Elsa
A beautiful land off the beaten track, with places worth discovering
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