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Places of worship

The sanctuary of the Madonna del Cerreto

The small religious building stands at the exact same point where the Virgin Mary appeared to a young girl

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Santuario dell’Addolorata

The sanctuary of the Madonna del Cerreto is a religious complex located in the municipality of Sorano. It was built beginning in 1854 to replace the dilapidated church of Santa Maria dell’Aquila and to remember, at the exact same point where it was erected, the appearance of the Virgin Mary to a young local girl that had happened a few years before. The miraculous occurrence was later celebrated with the addition of the left chapel at the turn of the 20th century.

The sanctuary of the Madonna del Cerreto is a simple place of worship with a Latin cross plan. The outer walls are covered in plaster. The entranceway is in the centre of the facade, flanked on each side by a pilaster, while another pilaster is found at the end of each side of the facade. Covering the entire side view horizontally, striking edging is found on top of the four pillars. In the middle a round neo-Romanesque arch rises up, outlining a lunetta to the side and below. The upper part of the facade ends in a tympanum, which acts as support for the roof.

The inside of the church, with its single nave and apse, is beautiful to behold due to the many pillars that divide it into bays, punctuating the arches of the characteristic cross vault. The left chapel, named for Our Lady of the Sorrows (Madonna Addolorata in Italian), has an early 20th-century altar, and is located at the exact point where the Virgin Mary appeared. 

Contact: monasterocarmelitane.it

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