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Monsummano Terme

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Fontenuova - Museum

A spiritual gem in Monsummano Terme

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Monsummano Terme
This tiny museum is annexed to the Sanctuary of Maria di Fontenuova, built by the architect Gherardo Mechini after a water source miraculously sprouted near the tabernacle of the Virgin Mary in 1602. The church’s portico is decorated with an important fresco cycle created by Giovanni da San Giovanni from 1630 to 1633. Inside the church, you’ll find other significant works by Tuscan Baroque artists like: Ventura Salimbeni, Cristofano Allori, Giovanni da San Giovanni, Gregorio Pagani and Matteo Rosselli.

The painting gallery was created thanks to efforts by the parish priest who gathered together various works from the seventeenth century sanctuary. All of these religious artworks show veneration toward the Madonna of Fontevuova. With the inauguration of the Civic Museum of the Territory, the collection’s most precious works were exhibited in the new museum. Initially, the collection only included the Sanctuary’s Treasure. It was later enhanced by ex-votive pieces or objects donated by the faithful. The collection also boasts a lovely statue taken from the Church of Monsummano Alto.

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Upon request


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Contact information:
Piazza Giuseppe Giusti 305/e
tel. 0572 51102
Monsummano Terme
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