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Places of worship

The Sanctuary of Romituzzo

A collection of votives and paintings at Poggibonsi

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 The sanctuary dates back to the 14th century when this location was chosen for spiritual retreats by a group of Romites and a Sienese artist painted the image of the Madonna of the Snow in a tabernacle here. The popular devotion to this image led eventually to the construction of an oratory here in 1460.

In the Church of Santa Maria di Romituzzo almost 5000 anatomic votive objects are displayed, made out of papier machè between the 16th and 19th centuries as well as about 90 paintings made during the same period—all testimony to the popular devotion to the Madonna of the Snow.

Opening hours:
Permanently open to the public throughout the year except during religious functions.

Free entrance.
Partially accessible to wheelchair users.



Via Burresi 17
Ph: +39 0577-938071
Email: info@romituzzo.it 

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