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The sacred hill of Montenero

A village of faith, full of beautiful landscapes

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Via di Montenero, 476

The panoramic hilltop village of Montenero was already a tourist destination in the 1700s. The town gets its name, Montenero or the “black mountain,” because, from a distance, its profile is dark. It's only about ten kilometers from the city and it's home to one of the most important shrines in Italy, dedicated to Mary of Grace, patron of Tuscany. The shrine was erected in remembrance of a miracle of the image of the Virgin found at the base of the hill and it has transformed this into an important pilgrimage site which bears testimony to the strong religious devotion in this area. The shrine can be reached by way of a funicular railway which leaves from the Piazza delle Carozze where, in the past, rich vacationers left their coaches. The side chapels of the sanctuary, which are reached through the sacresty, hold a long gallery of ex-voto objects which are testimony of popular devotion, with a particular focus on the Marian cult.

Between popular history and legend
The scenic hill village of Montenero, already famous with tourists in the eighteenth century due to the enchanting scenery, owns its name to its outline, which from far away appears dark and gloomy (nero). Only about 10 kilometers from the city of Livorno, is the home of one of the most important Sanctuaries of Italy, dedicated to Maria delle Grazie, Patron Saint of Tuscany. ...