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The Sacred Art Collection at the Compagnia di S. Iacopo in Sant'Agata, Scarperia
Photo ©Mongolo1984

The Sacred Art Collection at the Compagnia di S. Iacopo in S. Agata

The collection aims to safeguard and promote the artistic heritage of the area

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The sacred art collection is displayed in the oratory of the Compagnia di San Iacopo, an early-16th century building that is located on the left side of the sacristy of the Sant’Agata church. The Sant’Agata church is the most eminent monument from the roman era that still stands in the Mugello. Inside the church, there are important artworks, including an example of marble marquetry from the 12th century and paintings by Iacopo di Cione and Bicci di Lorenzo.

The museum was born thanks to the efforts of a group of local volunteers and the parish priest Don Corrado Paoli, who offered to conserve the collection in the San Jacopo oratory, renovated especially for the sacred art collection.

The artistic heritage of the Sant’Agata church has grown in importance throughout the centuries. The collection is comprised of paintings on canvas and wood, terracotta artworks, sacred furnishings and objects from the Sant’Agata church and other churches in the area.

Contact: museisantagata.it
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