Raccolta d' Arte del S.S Crocifisso

The S.S. Crocifisso Art Collection

The Museum of Sacred Art at Roccalbegna

The river Albegna flows through the town of Roccalbegna and the town itself is surrounded by many pastures and farmland. It is believed that the history of this area stretches back to Etruscan times. The church of S.S. Crocifisso is one of the most important churches in the town. It has a Baroque altar which holds the S.S. Crocifisso, a beautiful fifteenth century cross which was painted by the Sienese artist, Luca di Tommè.

There is an oratory connected to the church which was built in 1388 on the site of the town’s very first church. There are many works of art by Francesco Nasini on display inside the oratory, as well as a collection of canvas paintings, statues and other items from the surrounding territory such as paintings, sculptures and liturgical pieces. The church is also known as the Museum of Sacred Art.

Opening hours
Appointments to visit the museum can be made directly with the parish priest by calling 0564 980067. Please call between the hours of 8am-12pm and 4pm-7pm

Entry fee

Disabled access

Contact information
via del S.S. Crocifisso
Roccalbegna (Grosseto)
Telephone 0564-989122
E-mail g.falciani@comune.roccalbegna.gr.it

A lovely medieval village overlooked by the Rock: a large, white tower that dominates the town from above Amiata
The village of Roccalbegna, an Aldobrandeschi holding then passed to the Republic of Siena, is of pure medieval aspect, its more characteristic monument being the church of St. Peter and St. Paul, on the main piazza onto which the Town Hall and the small but striking Civic Tower with its clock face. The terrain of the area is notoriously instable, landslides are a daily occurrence. ...