Area boschiva di Ragnaia
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The Ragnaia woods

The urban park of Villa Montalvo is an oasis rich in flora and fauna

Campi Bisenzio
 Just outside the residential centre of Campi Bisenzio you'll find the Urban Park of Villa Montalvo, a huge green area open to the public near the villa which gives it its name.The idea for the park came about in 1989 and today it is used by the city administration and a variety of local associations for organize activities for the public. It serves as a peaceful refuge for locals who come here for sports and relaxation. Inside the park is located the important Ragnaia woods which cover 1.6 hectares along the marina. This extension was born thanks to Don Ferdinando Montalvo, the owner of the villa and a passionate hunter who, in 1760, decided to create an area for capturing birds in nets which he hung from tree to tree. In fact, the name “ragnaia” refers to these nets which hung like spider webs (ragnatelle) between the trees. The flora includes oaks, black poplars, and laurel is attractive to a variety of bird species. During the 18th and 19th centuries the woods was famous for hunting and was a favourite refuge of Florentine nobility from the heat of the city. The Villa of Montalvo is a noble residence which currently hosts the city library and the city archive.
Campi Bisenzio
There is much to see and do in this Tuscan town
Campi Bisenzio has been inhabited since ancient times. The road network and many of the local place names trace their origins to Roman settlers who lived here from I century BC. The river Bisenzio has aided the town’s farms throughout history, although in the Middle Ages, the local population and the town’s order of Benedictine Monkshad to spend a great deal of time and effort working on land ...