Fortezza pisana

The Pisan fort

An extraordinary panoramic view of the coast and Elba Island

The Pisan fort sits on the highest part of the town of Marciana. It was constructed by the Pisans in the twelfth century and was reinforced by the Appians in the middle of the fifteenth century.
The building as it stands today is square-shaped with four towers. From the walls there is a wonderful view of Monte Capanne (1019m) and all the way to the crystal waters around Elba Island. In the summer, the fort’s internal courtyard is used for concerts and cultural events.

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From under Monte Capanne rises this charming village, the oldest on Elba Island
Marciana is situated on the slopes of Mount Capanne on the west side of the Island of Elba at 375 meters above sea level. It is one of the most ancient settlements on the island, its foundations dating back to 35 BC. The Archaeological Museum in Marciana gives evidence to its very ancient past. The vegetation is rich: there are ilexes, pine and chestnut trees. ...