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Orto botanico Pietro Pellegrini a Pian della Fioba
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The Pietro Pellegrini Botanical Garden in Pian della Fioba

In an area measuring three hectres, visitors can explore a collection of plant species that are native to calcareous areas

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The botanical garden is dedicated to Massa-born doctor and botanist Pietro Pellegrini (1867-1957). It is located on a rocky mass of land and the plant species that grow there are largely spontaneous. In the lower area, visitors can follow a didactic itinerary, and from a higher area they get a better view of the spontaneous vegetation that grows in the garden. There are also plant species that are native to the Apuan Alps.

Located inside the garden, a laboratory is equipped with a small multimedia room. In front of the lab is an impluvium for aquatic plants. Guided visits are also offered thanks to botany students and graduates from Tuscan universities. Research is also carried out here.

Opening Hours:
Summer (May to September): from 9am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm.
Winter: guided visits by appointment only.
To reserve call the municipality of Massa at 0585490349.

Ticket Price:
Free entrance.

Disabled Access:
Partial accessible to the disabled, although a special itinerary has been created for disabled visitors.

Via Provinciale Massa Arni
Pian della Fioba (Altagnana)
Tel.: 0585490349 (Municipality of Massa); 0585490251
E-mail: ortobotanico@parcapuane.it
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