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The Piazza dei Priori

The location of two of Italy's most beautiful examples of Medieval architecture: the Palazzo dei Priori and the Palazzo Pretorio

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The Piazza dei Priori is located in the heart of Volterra and takes its name from the Palazzo dei Priori located there. The Palazzo dei Priori is the oldest “city hall” in Tuscany, the site for local bureaucratic and administrative activities. The Palazzo Pretorio is also located on this piazza. Constructed in the 13th century, it was the residence of the Captain of the People and also hosted a number of civic functions. The piazza is near Piazza del Battistero, the religious centre of Volterra. This closeness between the civic and religious centres was the symbol of the power of Volterra over the surrounding territory. The piazza is the site of numerous cultural activities and, in the summer period, a weekly market.

Journey to the oldest town in Tuscany
Volterra has an unmistakable Medieval character, where the atmosphere of an ancient village can still be felt and whose authenticity is protected by the relative isolation that has limited the development of the city center in the industrial era, safeguarding the city from urban speculation. ...