Castello del Piagnaro

The Piagnaro Castle

Standing on a hilltop above the town of Pontremoli

The town of Pontremoli was considered “the key and door of the Apennines”. It was a medieval “oppidum”, or rather, a market town and a place where the important transit roads of the mountain passes intersected, including the Via Francigena. Moreover, in the 12th and 13th centuries, it was a sovereign town.

The Piagnaro Castle, standing on a hilltop above the town, was erected in the 11th century to control the network of underlying roads. Because of this, it became an integral part of the town’s defensive system.

Its name probably derives from the sandstone slabs that were used to cover the houses, called the “piagne”. The castle extends over two floors: the oldest part is located around the upper courtyard and is dominated by an impressive semi-elliptical shaped keep with autonomous access, while the other nucleus (built later on in the 16th century) develops on the lower level and is surrounded by the main courtyard. Almost fully restored today, this important fortification has housed the Museum of Stele Statues since 1975.

How to get there:
A15 Motorway La Spezia-Parma exit Pontremoli A-road 62 of Cisa; - Railway Station: Pontremoli.
By public transport: CAT, toll free number 800223010

For more information:
Town Hall
Tel.: 0187831400/4601211

Cooperativa Puntremal
Tel.: 0187831439
Explore this treasure chest nestled in woods
The city’s fortune was made by its network of roads: apart from the Via Francigena, it was connected to the road for Genua passing through Zeri; the road for Borgallo which led to Borgotaro and on into the Piacenza area; the road for Cirone which led to Parma by way of Langhirano. ...