Le dolci colline di Carmignano
Places of worship

The Parish Church of San Michele and San Francesco

A hidden masterpiece

Via Erta di Pogginali, 16

The church was built during the thirteenth century, but as a result of restructuring, its outside boasts a classic arcade, whose style can be traced to the late 1500s. Its adjoining Renaissance style square cloister is surrounded by a porch. In the center of the lawn, visitors can appreciate a romantic sandstone well that was part of the original church. The church’s single-nave interior hosts frescoes from the XIV and XV centuries, in addition to a St. Christopher that is attributed to Andrea del Giusto. Above the second altar on the right, you’ll find an oil painting of ‘The Visitation’, created during the first half of 1500’s by Jacopo Carrucci, known as Pontormo. Without a doubt, this work is one of the greatest masterpieces of Mannerist painting.


(Source: APT Prato)

Nestled in the Montalbano hills
The City of Carmignano, with its 40 square kilometres of territory, begins at the confluence of Arno and Ombrone Pistoiese rivers, extends on the hills of the north slope of Montalbano. Today it is one of the most famous areas in Tuscany where we find the production of D.O.C.G. wine and olive oil. ...