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The first information we have about the parish church of San Gennaro dates back to 873. It is situated in the centre of the homonymous village that developed around the church during the Middle Ages. This building is one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in the area surrounding Lucca. Usually, parish churches that were at the head of large districts were built on the remains of earlier religious buildings. The church of San Gennaro is richly decorated and for this reason it differs from most Lucchese churches.

The church of San Gennaro was completely restored during the XII century; it had been built on the site of an older religious building. Its geographical position, on the border between the plain of Lucca and Valdinievole, created particularly favourable conditions, sparking the development of a surrounding village in the Middle Ages.

The church has preserved its medieval structure with three aisles and it still contains its original decoration, with the exception of the apse end that was considerably remodelled in the XVIII century. Several elements are particularly noteworthy including the decorated capitals of the inner colonnade, the marble pulpit which dates back to 1162 and the richly adorned façade. In the XVIII century, the apse area of the church was reconstructed and its medieval side doors were replaced. According to a wall inscription, the bell tower to the north of the church was built in 1840.




Forts, castles, medieval towers combine with Renaissance villas and refined architecture
The vast area of the city of Caponnori runs from the Pizzorne, Pisan mountains, theLucca plain and the area formed by the reclamation of Lake Bientina. The high ground around Lucca boasts numerous fortresses, castles and medieval towers alongside Renaissance villas and other elegant and refined buildings. ...