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Orto botanico "Pania di Corfino"
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The Pania di Corfino Botanical Gardens

A botanical tour in Garfagnana

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Villa Collemandina
The Pania di Corfino Botanical Gardens are situated at an altitude of 1370m in the Orecchiella Nature Park. The gardens are home to a wide variety of flora local to the Upper Luccan Apennines.Among the many species cultivated here, there are several plants which are either very rare or almost extinct. Many of the plants are traditionally used for their medicinal properties or in the local cooking of the Upper Garfagnana area. The gardens are divided into the following sections: woodland plants, meadow plants, plants from the pastures, heath land plants, peat bog plants and plants which grow in rocky areas around the territory.Basically, the entire Garfagnana region is represented in miniature in the gardens.

Opening hours
25th June 10th September 9am-12.30pm / 2:30pm-6pm
During the rest of the year it’s necessary to phone ahead and book an appointment with the Comunità Montana della Garfagnana. Call Fabio Lucchesi on 0583 65452-658990.

Entry fee
€1,00 / Free guided tours

Disabled access
In part
Villa Collemandina
A territory rich with ancient history
Recent archaeological discoveries highlight the fact that the area was inhabited before the Etruscan period (by the Liguri-Apuani), until it was conquered by the Romans in 180 BC. Many towns are ancient and share a story similar to many of the Garfagnana towns, which, thanks to their eminent positions were always well fortified and defended. ...