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“Pania di Corfino” Botanical Garden

A journey through the Mountain Community of the Garfagnana

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Villa Collemandina

The “Pania di Corfino” Botanical Garden is located at 1370m in altitude in a wide clearing in the beech forest of the Orecchiella Nature Park, gathering, protecting and preserving the indigenous flora of the Upper Lucca Apennines.

Rare species and those in danger of extinction are particularly found among the plants cultivated here, as well as natural plants traditionally used both in popular medicine and for feeding the inhabitants of the Upper Garfagnana.

The botanical garden is divided into several sections: forest, fields, pasture, moor, bog, scree and cliff flora.

There are almost 400 different species of plants in total, offering a spectacle of different bloomings from spring to the end of summer. The blooming of peonies, lilies and various orchids are spectacular, without forgetting gentians and rarer species such as the Apuan vedovella and the paradisea.

Info: ortobotanicoitalia.it

Villa Collemandina
A territory rich with ancient history
Recent archaeological discoveries highlight the fact that the area was inhabited before the Etruscan period (by the Liguri-Apuani), until it was conquered by the Romans in 180 BC. Many towns are ancient and share a story similar to many of the Garfagnana towns, which, thanks to their eminent positions were always well fortified and defended. ...