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monte amiata:alle radici della val d'orcia
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The Orcia River

Cross the stunning Val d'Orcia to discover the area’s natural wonders

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Val D'Orcia
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The Val d'Orcia is a large valley, located in the between the province of Siena and the province of Grosseto, which is divided by the Orcia River. It is the main waterway of the area, which begins in Monte Cetona and eventually merges with the Ombrone River. Its most characteristic feature is the way in which it changes at different points along the way: the first part of the river has a wide riverbed that is covered with stones, and in the central part it narrows so it can cross the impervious gorge of the Ripa d’Orcia, and then the river widens once again.

Exploring the flora and fauna along the banks of this river is indeed interesting for any visitor in the area, as is a visit to the Le Mulina town, where tourists can admire the ruins of an ancient mill. Further along the river, visitors will find an array of fountains, whose water locals used to drink, claiming the water was beneficial to women who were breastfeeding. Exploring the area on foot is highly recommended as a way to discover its open spaces, colors, perfumes, woodlands and calming silence.