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The Nature Reserve of Alto Merse

The Nature Reserve of Alto Merse

One of the key characteristics of the reserve is the presence of three types of woodpeckers

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The Reserve, situated south-west of the town of Siena, includes a long stretch of the river Merse, the stream Ricausa, most of the stream Rosia and the last stretch of the stream La Gonna, all tributaries of the river Merse. Most of the mountains, in particular those where the siliceous rocks belonging to the Verrucano Group outcrop, are covered by deciduous woodlands where the Turkey oak dominates, since it adapts well to siliceous soils. In the lower part of the slopes, which are cooler, together with the Turkey oak we can also find the Sessile oak. After Sessile oak woods, Chestnut tree woods are the most widespread woodland habitat in the Reserve.

Surface: 2000 hectares

Municipalities: Chiusdino, Monticiano and Sovicille

Source: Siena Province

A strip of land that’s home to the amazing San Galgano Monastery
Chiusdino, in a stunning location between the Valle della Merse and the Colline Metallifere, stands in a woodland setting that shows the medieval castle and its fortifications in its best light. Founded in ancient times, probably due to an early medieval settlement by the Longobards, Chiusdino later passed under the control of the Bishops of Volterra and in the thirteenth century to Siena. ...