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Riserva naturale Roccastrada

The Natural Reserve of Roccastrada

A journey through uncontaminated forests

Map for 43.010472,11.168309

This reserve, founded in 1996, is characterized by the presence of well-preserved woodsy areas that host species of various trees that are rare within the region. By looking at a map of the area, one can see that it stretches westward along a central dorsal slope. The Farmulla lies on its northern side, while the Farma runs along its southern side. Its highest summit is the Poggio Ricavolo (533 meters slm) and Poggio Alto (442 metres slm). The area hosts vegetation that is characterized by white beech, holm-oak, maple, elm and beech, oak, heather, black hornbeam, maple, rural Montpellier and manna-ash.

Exceptional climatic conditions at high altitudes have allowed species like the Genista sagittalis to make their home in the area. Regarding fauna, there are no major differences with the neighbouring reserve, the Farma. Visitors here, can see more specimens during spring and summer as the falcon and short-toed eagle nest in the area. Getting there: from Grosseto visitors should reach the Roccastrada. From there, continue to Torniella and then go towards Monticiano until you reach Ponte sul Farma. Once past it, turn left and you’ll find the open Reserve.


Source: Province of Grosseto


The picturesque village is located on a rock platform and boasts breathtaking views of the Maremma countryside
The picturesque town is built on an unusual platform of trachyte rock and boasts panoramic views over the Grosseto plain. It was a feud of the Aldobrandeschi family until the beginning of the 14th century, when it passed under the domain of the Sienese, and then under the Medici. ...