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Gabbianello Natural Oasis

Next to Lake Bilancino is one of the few remaining wetlands in Mugello, a paradise for winged animals

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Barberino di Mugello
Via di Cirignano, 165, 50031 Barberino di Mugello FI, Italia

The Gabbianello Oasis is found in Barberino di Mugello on the north-west bank of the Lake Bilancino and today it is made up of the few wetlands left in Mugello, an important stopping point for migrating birdlife. The Oasis is part of a wider environmental area of great historic and natural importance, and is also recognised as a Protected Natural Area of Local Interest and is part of the WWF Oasis System.

The Oasis welcomes visitors with an accommodating visitor centre and a large field which looks out onto the lake with a beautiful view. It is possible to stop here for a picnic or go out to discover the protected area along a path which surrounds the wetland and allows you to admire the pond life without disturbing the animals that live there.

During migration the area is often visited by many birds, including white storks, cranes and woodland geese, as well as pink flamingos during their autumnal migration, plus the permanent resident predators such as buzzards, peregrine falcons, kestrels and hen harriers.

Gabbianello Oasis
Gabbianello Oasis

For those who love bike rides, just next to the Visitor Centre there is a place to rent mountain bikes, so you can travel around the oasis on two wheels. There are also special workshops and educational tours for schools.

Info: gabbianello.it

Barberino di Mugello
Located to the left of the Stura stream, the oldest part of Barberino di Mugello developed in the Middle Ages at the foot of the hills and is dominated over by the ancient castle that once belonged to the Cattani family from Combiate. ...