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The Natural Oasis of Gabbianello

Where nature become accessible

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Barberino di Mugello
This protected area (25 hectares, 8 of which are flooded) is located in the municipality of Barberino di Mugello, near the town of Galliano—five km from Barberino and thirty km from Florence. Barberino lies on the north-eastern shore of Lake Bilancino. The landscape of this Oasis is typically Tuscan; it hosts large forested areas, pastures and organic crops. Its flat areas are protected by the mountains of Tuscan-Romagna and by the Calvana. Around the oasis, visitors can see many buildings, including historical Medici castles like Trebbio Cafaggiolo and the Villa of Masks; guests to the area will also appreciate the Romanesque church of San Giovanni in Petroio, and the military Roman road of Flaminia. The Oasis’s natural environment

With the clearing and gradual disappearance of many wetlands, the Oasis of Gabbianello currently represents the only protected wetland area in the Mugello. Despite its recent, artificial origin, the Oasis hopes to become a very important resting point for migratory birds. The Gabbianello Oasis, and the Bilancino lake are situated along one of our region’s main internal migration routes. These elements have close links with the wetlands in nearby Piana Fiorentina. Thanks its high level of habitat diversity and favourable geographical position, the Oasis will play an important role for wintering ducks in the province of Florence, such as the mallard, teal and wigeon. It may also provide an ideal environment for the future breeding of many species, such as the bittern and garganey. During this transitional phase, the area is being populated by many birds, including storks, white cranes and wild geese. The presence of the pink Flamingo is particularly noteworthy during the autumn migration period. Their appearance confirms the steady, positive nature of the re-naturalization process. Careful observation of the sky will allow visitors to see birds of prey or sedentary species like jays, buzzards, peregrine falcons and many others.

Getting there: The Oasis is located in the municipality of Barberino di Mugello and it is easily reachable by car, from the Sole (A1, exit at Barberino di Mugello) or via Bologna, following the signs for Barberino di Mugello. Remain on the Galliano highway and turn onto highway 65; after 1 km, follow the signs for the Oasis (from the A1 exit, it’s about 6 km). The area can also be reached by public SITA buses and the Faentina Railway(get off at the San Piero a Sieve station).

Opening hours:
The Oasis is open on Sundays. During summer, it is closed in July and August. During March, April, May, June and September, the Oasis will be open on Saturdays.

Opening Hours
Winter hours:
10:30 - 5pm
During Daylight Saving’s Time: 10:30am - 7pm (Daylight saving’s time will run from March 27 to October 30).
Guided visits in winter: 11am - 3pm Guided visits with daylight saving time: 11am - 16pm
Barberino di Mugello
Located to the left of the Stura stream, the oldest part of Barberino di Mugello developed in the Middle Ages at the foot of the hills and is dominated over by the ancient castle that once belonged to the Cattani family from Combiate. ...