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Colle val d'elsa
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The natural beauty along the Elsa River

Discover the Colle Val d'Elsa and its natural riches

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Colle di Val d'Elsa

Inside the residential area of Colle Val d'Elsa is a historic and natural landscape of enormous value thanks to the Elsa River which crosses the Val d'Elsa creating a unique territory. The river creates enchanting corners for hiking and observing: the engineering works for gathering water, the artifical canal system for carrying the water to the city, the caves. A particularly suggestive point is the Diborrato water falls, a 15m jump which is more than 10m deep, a sort of small lake where the locals used to go to cool off. Other places not to miss are the Grotta dell'Orso, the Conchina, the Masso Bianco, the Nicchia and the Spianata dei Falchi, each with its own particularities. This natural richness has been recognized with the institution of a protected area in the River Park of the Upper Val d'Elsa which includes the path of the river from the city of Colle Val d'Elsa which stretches from Ponte Santa Giulia to Ponte di Spugna and includes the Caldane, thermal springs which were known to the Etruscans and Romans.


Colle di Val d'Elsa
Treasures of Art and Architecture in the Crystal city
Colle Val d’Elsa is located in the Siena territory. Crossed by the historic via Francigena, it was populated pilgrims and wayfarers in its heyday, who stopped here to rest at the foot of its characteristic tower houses. The village is home to these buildings that were once homes and which today combine to create a unique skyline. ...