The Napoleonic Residences National Museum - Palazzina dei Mulini

The Napoleonic Residences National Museum - Palazzina dei Mulini

Take a tour around the house when the emperor spent his time in exile

Piazzale Napoleone
The Napoleonic Residences National Museum is split into two buildings which belonged to Napoleon during his time on Elba Island. The first is his country home called Villa San Martino and the second is Palazzina dei Mulini.
Palazzina dei Mulini is a eighteenth century building where the emperor spent most of his time on the island, although he also had two other houses there. In fact, he lived in Palazzina dei Mulini from 4th May 1814 until 26th February 1815. Today, it’s possible to admire the original furnishings and much of Napoleon’s personal library which remains in the villa.

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Elba island’s chief town and main port
Portoferraio is one of the island's most ancient towns. Its origins date back to the Ligurians, the Etruscans and the Greeks, before becoming a Roman colony called Fabricia. The layout of Portoferraio was designed by Cosimo I dei Medici who, after changing the town’s name to Cosmopoli in 1548, also built the town’s defences. In 1814, the city gave refuge to the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte. ...