Campiglia Marittima

The Museum of Work

Artifacts from daily life

Campiglia Marittima

The museum has thousands of instruments in its collection, representing agricultural, artisanal and industrial occupations that were popular in the Val di Cornia.The collection was begun in the 1980s by citizens of Venturina and in 1992 they purchased the collection of Giovanni Lazzerini which included around 6000 objects from the area around Avane, between Pisa and Lucca.

Campiglia Marittima
One of the loveliest hill towns on the coast
Situated on a hill overlooking the sea and the surrounding countryside, Campiglia Marittima is one of the loveliest old hill towns on the Costa degli Etruschi. Here in the heart of the Val di Cornia where ancient traditions live on, remains bearing witness to the Etruscan, Roman and Medieval civilisations can be found. ...