Museo del teatro popolare tradizionale toscano, Pienza

The Museum of Traditional Popular Theatre in Tuscany, Pienza

A collection of theatre props and documents about this popular tradition


Located in the granary at the Fattoria del Borgo, the museum records the long history of the Poor Theatre of Monticchiello which matured over more than forty years of activity.Tradition and progress, two realities which are chronologically and culturally distant, are combined in an interactive, multimedia exhibit where modern and artisanal technologies become the tie through which the world of the past approaches the theatre of today.

Opening hours:

April-December, from Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-12:30pm and 3:30pm-5:30pm

January-March, from Friday-Sunday: open by appointment


€4.00 / €3.00 reduced price for children under 6, students and people over 65

Piazza Nuova 1
Ph: +39 0578 755118

a superb example of Renaissance architecture, built upon request by Enea Silvio Piccolomini, Pope Pio II from 1458
The year following his papal nomination, he hired the architect Bernardo Rossellino to transform his obscure village into a city. Piazza Pio II opens up in the centre of the little town and is the hub of Pienza’s urban structure. The little Renaissance square was studied to welcome the urban constructions being built at the time, and in fact all of the main monuments of the town face onto it. ...