The Museum of the Collegiate Church in Empoli

One of the oldest ecclesiastical museums in the Empoli area

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The museum of the collegiate church was born during the Italian Risorgimento movement. In 1859 it was granted to the Opera of Sant’Andrea of the Tuscan Provisionary Government, under the head of the Empoli-born Vincenzo Salvagnoli. The museum was initially located in the San Lorenzo Chapel, next to the church, which displayed 54 artworks that largely belonged to the collegiate church. In the late 1880s, the painter Vincenzo Lami found another exposition space for the artworks and it was opened to the public. The artworks were positioned in chronological order, with a special section for sculptures and terracotta works, and another for miniated codes.

The collection grew over the years and in the 1930s it was transferred to the Propositura. However, WWII interrupted work to bring to the new museum to fruition. The Collegiate Church was also damaged in the war, as were some of its artworks. The museum was re-opened in 1956. In the same period, the collection was enriched with two important works: the “Two Saints” by Pontormo and the “Annunciation” by Bernardo Rossellino. Since 1990, the museum has had a didactic-scientific itinerary. Among the noteworthy artworks are a “Maestà” by Filippo Lippi, two triptychs by Lorenzo Monaco, and artworks by Della Robbia.

Opening Hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9am to 12pm and 4pm to 7pm

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