Museo del lavoro e della civiltà rurale, Palaia

The Museum of Rural Civilisation and Work in Palaia

Items from the San Gervasio farm or donated

Via Palaiese
The Museum of Rural Civilisation and Work (Museo del lavoro e della civiltà rurale) is housed in a Florentine-style farm house which is part of the Il Giardino farm. This, in turn, is part of what was the San Gervasio farm, a farm which dates back to the eighteenth century. The museum was opened in order to celebrate and commemorate the memory of farming families and sharecroppers who lived and worked in this area. There are many didactic activities for school children to take part in and the museum carries out constant research into agricultural life in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.Some of the most interesting items on display are the hand-operated mill for grain, a mid-nineteenth century loom and a portable steam engine made in 1896.

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Palaia is a medieval town that lies along the banks of the Lower Arno Valley. Its castle was a stronghold that was long disputed between Florence, Pisa and Lucca, due to its strategic location between the valleys that stretched along the Arno and Era Rivers. Visitors to Palaia, won’t want to miss a visit to its Civic Tower built in the sixteenth century. ...