The Museum of Labor and Industry in Valle del Lucido

Located in Fivizzano, the museum showcases work equipment, models, photographs and films on local manufacturing and agriculture

Situated in several rooms in the Monzone railway station, which has recently been restored to house the collection, the museum displays films and photographs that chronicle the passage from the agricultural to the industrial economy. It also explains the effects this passage had on local history, culture and customs. The museum was possible thanks to the work of Fabio Baroni, and a large part of the collection consists of historical photos shot by Ilario Bessi.

Opening Hours:
Open by appointment only. To reserve, call the Tourist Services Centre at 0585948258; cell. 320431438.

Ticket Price:
Adults: 3€; Children aged 6 to 10: 1€; free for children aged 6 and under.

Disabled Access:
Accessible to the disabled.

P.zza della Liberazione 3
Tel. 0585948269
The largest village in the Lunigiana area
It can be reached by taking the SS63 road, which goes from Aulla to the Cisa Pass and then towards Reggio Emilia. The first written evidence of the town is in a document that refers to the Castle of Verrucola - given by the emperor Henry V to Ugo d’Este in 1077. Originally called ‘Forum Verrucolae’, the town began as a market place ruled by feudal lords. ...