Il Museo del Figurino Storico di Calenzano

The Museum of Historical Figurines in Calenzano

This museum was founded in 1981 and traces the history of traditional model-making

The ‘Museo del Figurino storico di Calenzano’ (the Museum of Historical Figurines in Calenzano) was founded in 1981. Since the mid-1990’s the museum has developed several educational features. The items on display are the outcome of research into iconography, documentary and narrative sources and the artistic experience of the figurine craftsmen. Through modelling, audiovisual displays and experimental and reconstructive archaeology, visitors can trace this historical tradition which brings together both playful aspects and a more serious message. On entering the Museum, visitors are immediately plunged into the world of model-making with a section that is dedicated to the history, the different typologies and to the various phases of production of model soldiers.

After this first general section, the museum offers an historical journey, that begins with the Etruscan and the Roman civilization, continues with the Middle Ages and the 17th and the 18th centuries. Tourists can go on to study the Napoleonic Age, the Risorgimento and the First World War. The last section is dedicated to men, means of transport and to the events of the Second World War, with particular reference to the Gothic Line and to the Resistance. Since 2004, the Museum has had its headquarters in the castle of Calenzano, where visitors can find an educational unit and a centre for documentation.

This Tuscan town takes its name from the first family to rule it
The municipality of Calenzano isbetween Florence and Prato. It has a population of around 15 thousand inhabitants and is home to one of the most important industrial parks in Tuscany. The gentle, lush hills behind the town are full of interesting medieval villas and buildings. Just outside the town is the area of Sommaia. ...